Miri Ferry

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The ferry in 1975

The ferry in 1989

Photos courtesy of Dougal

In the old days, an open-type double-ended ferry allows commuters to cross the river from the town to the Miri peninsular conveniently. The ferry is also vital to the hospital emergency responses. Should an ambulance need to cross, the ferry would provide priority to it, usually carrying only the ambulance across before continuing operations.

If wind conditions or river currents are strong, the ferry would stay docked until conditions improved, causing long queues of cars at the ferry point. One could easily get around this problem by driving the long way around through Piasau Bridge. River traffic sometimes also sometimes causes delays as other boats cross the paths.

Many horseshoe crabs can be found at the shores alongside the ferry landing point.

Newest ferry in the 1990s, Shell crew change returning from the Long Jetty, going towards the Shell Materials Storage Complex. Photo from here

The latest ferry, known as Ferry Nightingale, ceased operations in the early 2000s as the river was filled in and reclaimed as land to make way for the Marina.

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