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Container City

Opened 2017, this food center known as Container City is as its name implies - shipping container used as food stall blocks located in a open seating food center, meshing together the "Street Food Container" style concept with traditional open-air food centers.

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Food Pavilion

Food Pavilion is a large food court located at One TT Commercial Center, which is just off the entrance road to Taman Tunku.

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Hopoh Canteen

The Hopoh Canteen is a decades-old food center, located at the Hopoh Association Building at Krokop at Jee Foh Road, Krokop.

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Luak Bay Food Court

Luak Bay Food Court is a food court that opened in 2015 alongside Luak Bay Road just off the Miri-Airport Road 'Seahorse' roundabout. The food court is located in between two shop houses and features muslim & other local foods and drinks.

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Paragon Food Court Lutong

Paragon Food Court, located at the Paragon Hotel opposite of MYY Mall at Lutong is a food stall center establishment selling and a variety of seafood as well as the usual 'Kolo Mee' noodles, Sarawak Laksa and other local foods.

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Centerpoint Phase 2 Food Center

Within Centerpoint Phase 2 there is a roofed roofed common walkway corridor where one can find many food & drinks stalls and coffeeshops.

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Old Folks' Street (Lao Ren Jie 老人街 / Persiaran Kabor)

Located in middle of Beautiful Jade Center, Persiaran Kabor, also known as Old Folks' Street (Lao Ren Jie 老人街) is a roofed area in between shoplots where coffeeshops lay out tables and chairs along where folks congregate there for breakfast or tea, drinks, chatting with one another, and passing their time.

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Miri Resort Food Court

Miri Resort Food Court is a large food court center located at Bulatan Commercial Center selling stall foods of various varieties.

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Lung Meng Enterprise (Food Court)

Lung Meng Enterprise (Food Court) is located near the Boulevard Commercial just before Bulatan-Pujut roundabout.


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