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Sarawak had never been particularly rich in railways but it was little known that there was an actual railway laid down in an area called Ensalai, near inland of the Baram River, in 1960.

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Gymkhana Club Miri (GCM)

Gymkhana Club Miri, also known as GCM by locals, is one of the oldest private recreational family club in Borneo.

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Miri Square (M2)

Miri Square was a shopping complex building, which used to house the San Francisco Coffee House, along with many eateries serving local food.

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Miri Plaza

Miri Plaza was originally a shopping mall at Pelita Commercial Center that is four stories tall, built in the early 1990s. Its anchor tenant was Metropolitan Department Store & Supermarket.

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Baram Ferry

The Baram Ferry used to operate at the Baram River, transporting vehicles and passengers across the river. The ferry was a vital link between Miri-Brunei border and for a long time it was the only way to get across.

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Miri Ferry

In the old days, a ferry allows commuters to cross the river from the town to the Miri peninsular conveniently. The ferry is also vital to the hospital emergency responses.

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Miri Long Jetty

The Miri Long Jetty was a mile long and stretches out into the sea. This jetty was built so that cargo is easily offloaded from ships to Miri at the tip of the Miri Peninsular.

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Map of Miri in 2005

2005 Maps, pre-online maps
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Piasau Bridge

The old Piasau bridge was a Bailey bridge at Piasau linking from the peninsular to Piasau at the point closest to the sea. The bridge, originally made of steel and wood with a single lane to handle the occasional vehicle traffic crossing, has seen several upgrades over the years.

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Krokop is a large residential area that spans from Jalan Krokop Utama to Jalan Jee Foh and Jalan Krokop 1 Road to Jalan Krokop 10 Road.


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