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Kuching is Sarawak's capital and oldest city and was voted as one of the most livable cities in Asia in year 2000.

As the largest city in the state, Kuching is now a rapidly developing city, boasting a population of almost half a million. In the city itself, one can find bustling shopping hubs and eclectic buildings that consist of a mix of modern and post-colonial architecture. Within minutes of journey to its outer boundaries are magnificent mountains, unspoilt beaches and even an award winning "living" museum, the Sarawak Cultural Village.

'Kuching' in the Malay language means cat. This is accentuated by dozens of cat statuettes around the city plus a world-famous cat museum featuring statues, photographs and memorabilia gathered from all over the globe - although it's been said the name 'Kuching' originally meant something else, and do not mean actual cats, the animal - it just happened to mean cats in Malay language.

The capital city of Sarawak was famed in the early days as a river port ruled by legendary White Rajahs. The olden day stories of Kuching are enchanting, as acknowledged by the dozens of biographies and books published and screenplays written based on its rich history.


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