November 2015

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The Great Epidemic

According to local legends, in the early 1900s, as Miri was seeing a boom in population as the result of the discovery of oil, a mysterious epidemic spread, wiping out a large number of the population in what was then a very small fishing village. The local chinese residing in Miri at the time believed the diseased was caused by "evil spirits", and turned to a wise man, known as "Chan Chak", who suggested that a monk be commissioned to appease these "spirits".

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Tua Pek Kong Temple

Built in 1913, and (then) located next to the Miri River and alongside the old fish market, the temple was built and dedicated to the beloved deity by overseas Chinese. Not just a place of worship, but a historical site and a place of interest worth visiting for the architecture and culture.

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Beach Republic

Beach Republic is a beach side club located along Jalan Bakam at Luak, facing the South China Sea.
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Bat Exodus / Swarm

Millions of bat swarms out out of the Deer Cave in order to hunt for insects at dusk, usually about 5pm to 7pm. On some occasions they have been known to fly out at 4pm, usually on darker, cloudy days.