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Electric bikes as a form of transportation in Miri

Electric bikes are getting more and more popular, and will likely be here to stay for the long run. Bikes of all type are available and can vary so much from a standard bike design; if you can imagine it, someone has already built it.
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Cycling in and Around Miri

Bicycling in and around Miri, the majority of the Miri commercial areas could be reached by just bicycles.
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List of Travel & Tour Agencies in Miri

Here are a list of travel and tour agencies in Miri.
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Piasau Nature Reserve

The Piasau Nature Reserve, situated at what was formerly Piasau Camp at the Miri Peninsula, was officially gazetted on 21st June 2014 as a result of public petitioning.

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Paintball Gaming

Paintball gaming is a recreational extreme-style sport in Miri located at Kampung Sukan Petronas Miri.

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Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort

Set in the midst of lush tropical rainforest, Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort is the place for pleasure and adventure.

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Niah National Park

The Great Cave of Niah is enormous by any measure. The floor area of the cave has been calculated at almost 10 hectares and in places the cave roof rises a majestic 75 meters above the rubble-strewn floor. It has been the site of around 40,000 years of human occupation.

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Lambir Hills National Park

A National Park with incredible diversity as over 1,100 tree species are dwelling within a 50 hectare plot. Many plants and insects are yet to be discovered and identified. Alluring waterfalls and bathing pools are the main attraction that are characteristic of Sarawakian Borneo jungle experiences.

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Loagan Bunut National Park

This National Park is located in the upper reaches of the Sungai Bunut where Sarawak's largest natural lake is found. The local Berawan fishermen call this lake 'Logan Bunut'.

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Gunung Mulu National Park & Mulu Caves

Gunung Mulu National Park is one of Nature's most spectacular achievements and the 'jewel in the crown' of Sarawak's expanding network of national parks and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Diving Haven

Miri has long been known for its exotic national parks and caves, its under water world is now gaining attention of scuba divers ever since the untouched coral reefs were discovered in recent years.

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Canada Hill

Canada Hill is a stretch of hill that runs along Miri from North East to South West, and goes from Tanjong Lobang cliffs to Luak to Pujut Corner. Miri's first oil well - Grand Old Lady - now an official landmark and historical site - was built on top of it.

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An Inland Lake Resort - Loagan Bunut

Loagan Bunut is a huge inland lake situated in the Baram district in Miri division that could be developed into a major tourist attraction for Sarawak. Its scenic natural surroundings and tranquility make the lake an ideal retreat for nature lover and urbanites escaping from the hassle bussle of a city.

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