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Loagan Bunut National Park

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This National Park is located in the upper reaches of the Sungai Bunut where Sarawak's largest natural lake is found. The local Berawan fishermen call this lake 'Logan Bunut'. At approximately 650 hectares, Loagan Bunut may not be large by most world standards, but, it is not an ordinary lake. The water level in the lake is totally dependent on the water level of Sungai Bunut, Sungai Tinjar and Sungai Baram. The water levels of these rivers fluctuate throughout the year and as a result, the water level at Loagan Bunut also fluctuates. The water levels at Loagan Bunut are usually lowest in the months of February and May or June. These periods of low water last for about 2 to 3 weeks. For more information regarding the water level in the lake, visitors can contact the Visitor's Information Centre in Miri. The fish populations also fluctuate as a result of this unique situation. When the dry periods are at their peak, Loagan Bunut can become a huge expanse of dry cracked mud. You can actually walk on the dry mud.

The lake and its surrounding areas are vibrant and scenic, both during high and low water levels. A major cultural attraction at the lake is the unique and traditional method of fishing ('Selambau') which has been retained by the Berawan fishermen. 'Selambau' was developed to harvest migrating fish during the times of fluctuating water levels. This technique has been used for centuries and has enabled the Berawan fishermen to manage this unique fishery effectively and sustainably for many generations.

The surrounding area is covered with peat swamp forest and Mixed Dipterocarp Forest. The common birds found here are the darters, egrets, herons, bitterns, eagle, swallow, stork, broadbill, malkoha, kingfisher, magpie robin, dove, bulbul, drongo, flying fox hornbills and kites. Animals can be found such as barking deer, bearded pig, sambar deer, argus pheasant, long-tail macaque, black barded langur, lesser mouse deer, small-tooth palm civet, giant squirrel and Gibbons can also be heard doing their morning calls.

Accommodation Facilities

Rate : RM15.00 per bed
Accommodation facilities consist of chalets units with electricity and piped water.

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