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Miri City Parade 2005 Archive Video

The archive video collection of the historic moments of a once-in-a-lifetime Miri City Parade taken in 2005.
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Footage of U.S. B24s bombing Miri, Sarawak, Borneo.

Miri was bombed by U.S. B24 Bombers during World War II. Some video footage of the bombing.
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US Navy Patrol Torpedo Boats Operations at Miri During WW2

A video US Navy Patrol Torpedo Boats Attack Coastal Oil Installations at Miri, Sarawak during WW2 to disrupt oil supplies to Japan at the time.

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Tusan Beach

A place of interest, Tusan Beach is a beautiful beach area near Tusan about an hour's travel time from the city. Along the smooth sandy beach, coral reefs, a waterfall, several cliffsides and a defining feature; a large cliff with a arch eroded through it dubbed the "Drinking Horse".

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High Street Chinese New Year Market (Gong Xi Bazaar)

Highstreet Chinese New Year Market (also known as Gong Xi Bazaar) is an annual event that takes place about a week before the celebration of the Chinese New Year eve. Highstreet Roads are closed off during this week to set up stalls during day, with a section of Kingsway closed at night for the event.

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Tanjung Lobang & Taman Selera at Brighton Beach

Tanjung Lobang & Taman Selera is one of the older beach areas in Miri that was developed as a public area that has a park and food stall area.

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Lambir Hills National Park

A National Park with incredible diversity as over 1,100 tree species are dwelling within a 50 hectare plot. Many plants and insects are yet to be discovered and identified. Alluring waterfalls and bathing pools are the main attraction that are characteristic of Sarawakian Borneo jungle experiences.

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Kingsway Pedestrian Bridge

First pedestrian bridge in Miri, built alongside the multi-story car park, linking it across Jalan Kingsway allowing access to the old town center and across the road directly.

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Beautiful Jade Center

Beautiful Jade Center is one of the older townships in Miri right at city center. Built up in the mid 1970s, business traffic remains strong today.

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