COVID-19 Information Hotline
For more information regarding Quarantine / International Travel arrangements / COVID19 :
Please Call :
✆ 603-88810200600 / 03-88810200700
✆ 6085-322085 (Miri)


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Miri River is NOT Baong River, and Vice Versa

This is a problem that needs to be addressed. Please don't rely on online maps and the internet by some company from the other side of the world to determine our geography and river names.

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COVID-19 Outbreak - are you at Risk?

Are you at-risk of a Novel Coronavirus infection (COVID-19)?

Take a test and find out your risk. Online quiz from the Ministry of Health.

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Bat Exodus / Swarm

Millions of bat swarms out out of the Deer Cave in order to hunt for insects at dusk, usually about 5pm to 7pm. On some occasions they have been known to fly out at 4pm, usually on darker, cloudy days.

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Glowing Blue Waves Along Miri Beaches

Nicknamed "Blue Tears" among the locals, this phenomenon is a sight to behold and has sent many people to the beaches in the evenings.
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Shrimp Harvest (Bubuk)

The catching of bubuk is an annual cycle in Miri. During this phenomenon these shrimps arrive in the millions in the shallow waters of the sea off the beaches of Miri, and the fisherfolks using their fishing tool, known as the 'paka', scoop them up from the waters by wading into the sea.

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