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Sri Gadong Wreck

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Sri Gadong was a small steel cargo vessel about 100 feet in length, commissioned to carry sawn timber when it was sunk off the coast of Miri. At the moment, there is very little information for the type of vessel, the date it was sunken, and reasons of why it sank. Very little is known about the history of the ship.

The wreck of Sri Gadong is resting upright about 59feet at the bottom of the sea. The large cargo holds are home to various sea life and corals have covered around the wreck.

The wreck is a popular dive site, about 1 hour+ travel time boat ride from Miri. Diving visibility conditions vary from 20m to 40m, depending on weather and other factors. To tour the site there are dive operators in Miri that will make the arrangements.

Map location is just an approximate area:

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