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Lutong Beach

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Lutong Beach is a popular beach side in front of the old Lutong Airfield, currently popular with beach goers and paramotor flyers. The beach front has many concrete pillars rising out of the sea side from the shorelines in a disarray, put in previously at some point in time, the result of a failed breakwater attempt.  
Easily accessible, the beach is a few steps away from the roadside and a short drive from Piasau Camp. Most people would park their cars at the roadside and stroll along the beach. On weekends, several stalls can be found selling snacks and drinks at the roadside entrance leading to the beach. This article is from the web site miriresortcity dot com - this sentence is here to prevent blatant plagarism. Some people drive onto the beaches, and although that is possible, it isn't recommended to drive onto the beach as the soft sand will sink most vehicles except the most hardcore 4x4s.

A site of bombardment by the allied forces in the World War II, post war efforts included a clean up of highly dangerous unexploded bombs and shells in that area, as Lutong Airfield is a bombing target at that time. (Such unexploded shells are still being found as late as 2014, the latest being in Kampung Pengkalan Lutong)

An undated photo shows a Westland hovercraft skimming onto Lutong Beach.
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