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Colonial Cemetery (World War II Memorial Park)

A small, neglected Colonial era cemetery is located in between Gymkhana Club Miri and St. Columba's primary school. The cemetery contains a mix of European ex-pats, Chinese & orang Asli graves with marker stones.

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Tomb of Dato Permaisuri (Makam Dato Permaisuri)

The Tomb of Dato Permaisuri that of a legend of a beautiful princess who has settled down in Miri after a shipwreck. In recognition of her unselfish services to the local muslim community, her tomb was gazetted by the Sarawak Government to be part of the Miri heritage.

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Tanjung Lobang Lighthouse & World War II Memorial

Tanjung Lobang Lighthouse station was established in the 1930s in an area around Tanjong Lobang with beautiful & spectacular sea cliffs, and rich in history. Next to it is a Second World War Memorial, commemorating the oil field workers killed during the war.

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