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Tanjung Lobang

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Grave of the Light House Keeper, Awang Metali

Considered a lone hero of World War II, the story of Lighthouse Keeper Awang Metali is a grim reminder of the horrors of World War that Miri went through.

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Tanjong Lobang Police Station

Tanjong Lobang Police Station is located at the top of the hill near Tanjong Lobang, near Woodhouse Road.

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Woodhouse Road (Jalan Woodhouse)

How the name "Woodhouse" road came to be had a very peculiar story.

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Sri Tanjung - Government Rest House (Rumah Kerajaan)

Built in 1925, near Tanjung Lobang, this historic hilltop mansion used to be the Residency of Miri. It is now a VVIP Rest House. Dignitaries that have used this Rest House in the past ranged from White Rajahs, British Governors, Yang Dipertuan Agong, and many more.

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"Seahorse Island"

Seahorse Island (not its official name) is planned to be a man-made island, in the shape of Miri's mascot - the seahorse - for the 3rd phase of the Brighton Beach's redevelopment master plan. Once completed this island will be about 800 metres off the coast from Brighton Beach, and planned to feature recreational, commercial and residential areas.

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Tanjung Lobang Lighthouse & World War II Memorial

Tanjung Lobang Lighthouse station was established in the 1930s in an area around Tanjong Lobang with beautiful & spectacular sea cliffs, and rich in history. Next to it is a Second World War Memorial, commemorating the oil field workers killed during the war.

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Tanjung Lobang & Taman Selera at Brighton Beach

Tanjung Lobang & Taman Selera is one of the older beach areas in Miri that was developed as a public area that has a park and food stall area.

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