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Woodhouse Road (Jalan Woodhouse)

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Woodhouse road is located to the left just off Tanjung Lobang (Southbound) after the Tanjung Lobang Police Station.

How the name "Woodhouse" road came to be had a very unofficial and peculiar story.

Sometime around the late 1970s or early 1980s, a prominent builder in Miri showcased a new type of low-cost housing - houses made of treated wood, not unlike those Shell company houses in Lutong, to be built at the top of the hill near Tanjung Lobang and overlooking Luak bay. This project garnered a lot of interest from many Mirians, and forms were handed out to be issued to those who're interested to fill in as to show their interest in purchasing of such houses.

Unfortunately, nothing came of the project. The area was quite deserted for a while, and while houses built there eventually by the early nineties, they were luxury houses and certainly not made of wood, a completely different project than what was originally planned.

The name Woodhouse, however, became synonymous with the road.

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