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Kingsway Road

Photos of Kingsway Road, 1950s and in 2006.

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Resident Office & District Building

Resident Office & District building is a colonial-era building located alongside Kingsway that served as top government administrative office in Miri since the 1950s

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Miri Council Multistory Car Park

The Miri Council Multistory Car Park (Bangunan Letak Kereta M.B.M.), built in the early 1990s alongside Miri's first Pedestrian Bridge at Kingsway.

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Police Station (Kingsway)

Police Station in central old town, alongside Kingsway Road, next to the overhead pedestrian bridge and in front of the Municipal Multi-Story Car Park.

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Kingsway Pedestrian Bridge

First pedestrian bridge in Miri, built alongside the multi-story car park, linking it across Jalan Kingsway allowing access to the old town center and across the road directly.

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Yu Lan Plaza - Glass Tower

Yu Lan Plaza is the first all-glass high rise building in Miri. It is located in the midst of the old Miri town area, located next to the Miri Old Open Air Market. From far, Yu Lan Plaza is an easily recognizable landmark.

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