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Yu Lan Plaza - Glass Tower

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Yu Lan Plaza is the first all-glass high rise building in Miri. It is located in the midst of the old Miri town area, located next to the Miri Old Open Air Market. From far, Yu Lan Plaza is an easily recognizable landmark in the city both at night and day, thus the building provides an easy and quick way to regain your bearings of where you are in the city easily.

This building was built in the late 1990s, the blue / turquoise colored all-glass surfaced high-rise building is built over the location of an old petrol station and cinema, and has its own underground parking facilities, which are for use only for the tenants. There is a nearby pedestrian bridge, and a next to it is a garden with palm trees along the road. Just a short walk away in all directions, is the old town area, the local market, the Unity Food Stall, and several hotels.

Sometimes known as the "Glass Tower," it has been empty for some time, housing a bank and some offices, the building only recently houses the Companies of Commissions (SSM) and the Government Immigration offices - it is now well-known as the place where all Mirians go to have their passports made or renewed. The building also houses several offices on its higher floors.


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