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Container City

Opened 2017, this food center known as Container City is as its name implies - shipping container used as food stall blocks located in a open seating food center, meshing together the "Street Food Container" style concept with traditional open-air food centers.

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Kingwood Boutique Hotel

Kingwood Boutique Hotel is a distinctive hotel located alongside the famous corridor along North Yu Seng Road. Previously known as Rinwood Inn, the hotel underwent extensive renovations and redesigns to bring it up to date in 2014. Features retro-1970s design theme.

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Old Folks' Street (Lao Ren Jie 老人街 / Persiaran Kabor)

Located in middle of Beautiful Jade Center, Persiaran Kabor, also known as Old Folks' Street (Lao Ren Jie 老人街) is a roofed area in between shoplots where coffeeshops lay out tables and chairs along where folks congregate there for breakfast or tea, drinks, chatting with one another, and passing their time.

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MyHomestay located along North Yu Seng corridor, MyHomestay is a perfect starting point from which to explore Miri.

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"Miri Tourism Corridor" / North Yu Seng Road

"Tourism Corridor" at North Yu Seng Road.

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