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Old Folks' Street (Lao Ren Jie 老人街 / Persiaran Kabor)

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Located in middle of Beautiful Jade Center, Persiaran Kabor, also known as Old Folks' Street (Lao Ren Jie 老人街) is a roofed area in between shoplots where coffeeshops lay out tables and chairs along where folks congregate there for breakfast or tea, drinks, chatting with one another, and passing their time. Mostly older folks hang out - hence the moniker "Old Folk's Street" (pronounced as "Lao Ren Jie" ("老人街" in mandarin). Cars can not enter this area.

Both coffeeshops and seating is plentiful along both rows of shops, and a variety of food and drinks can be ordered here.

The Chinese Chess Association is also located on the shop lots there, and one can find these folks concentrating at chinese chess on specially made chessboard-marked tables. The rest of the shops in this area are very old businesses doing retail and services.

At the end of the street is a stage put up to facilitate karaoke sessions or events, and at the corner are cendol & rojak stalls in Miri. This section is a must-try.

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