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Lung Meng Enterprise (Food Court)

Lung Meng Enterprise (Food Court) is located near the Boulevard Commercial just before Bulatan-Pujut roundabout.

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Faradale Commercial Center

Faradale Commercial Center is a commercial center located along Jalan Bulan Sabit.

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Taman Boulevard

Taman Boulevard is a residential area near Boulevard Commercial Center, and is opposite of Faradale Commercial Center.

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101 Commercial Center

101 Commercial Center is a new commercial center currently being built up next to Boulevard Commercial Center. Construction is due to be finished in 2016.

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Boulevard Pedestrian Bridge

Boulevard Pedestrian Bridge is a pedestrian bridge that runs over the Miri-Pujut Road in front of Boulevard Commercial Center, just before the Miri-Pujut Flyover.

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Boulevard Commercial Center

Boulevard Commercial Center is a township/commercial center located between Miri City Center and Lutong township areas.
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Desa Seri

Desa Seri is a residential area located next to Boulevard Commercial Center.

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Taman Bulatan Park

Taman Bulatan Park is a public park located off the corner of the Pujut roundabout at Jalan Bulatan, next to Taman Desa Seri residential area.

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Boulevard Shopping Complex

Boulevard Shopping Complex: Over 80 shops, a post office, a hypermarket a department store, a moneychanger and a bank.

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