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MV Dayang Topaz Incident

On Wednesday, 27th October 2020, an incident with occured with the MV Dayang Topaz at around 6.45am in the morning off the shores of Baram, Miri.

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Miri Port Authority

'Commercial shipping' utilizing Miri as a port goes back to as early as when Miri was merely a fishing village. Being the site of the first discovery of oil in Borneo in 1910 quickened the business and pace and progress of Miri, establishing it an important and leading port for the majority of the 20th century in the region for oil and then timber industries.

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Baram River (Batang Baram)

Baram River is a large river that origins hundreds of kilometers inland from the mountains at the border of Sarawak in the heart of Borneo. Baram River is the second longest river in Sarawak.

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Sungai Tujoh

Literally, Sungai Tujoh is translated as the Seventh River or Seventh Stream spelled in the form of Bruneian Malay language. An immigration post was built in the 1960s to control the movement of goods and people between Miri and points west in Sarawak with Brunei, at this "7th river".

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That Island at the Baram Delta

At the Baram river delta, there exists an island formed from river silt with an identity problem. Its name changes just as many times as it physically changes forms and shape.

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Tanjung Baram Lighthouse

Tanjung Baram Lighthouse is located on the north side of the Baram River entrance at Kuala Baram only 5km from the Brunei border.

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Baram Ferry

The Baram Ferry used to operate at the Baram River, transporting vehicles and passengers across the river. The ferry was a vital link between Miri-Brunei border and for a long time it was the only way to get across.

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Batang Baram Bridge (ASEAN Bridge)

The Batang Baram Bridge or ASEAN Bridge is a bridge located along Miri-Baram Highway directly links Sarawak with Brunei across the Batang Baram via the existing Immigration Checkpoint at Sungai Tujuh, which is the check point out of Sarawak and into the country of Brunei.

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