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Miri Public Library (Pustaka Miri)

Pustaka Miri is a two-storey building earmarked as one of the anchor nodes for the Miri City Fan.

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Taman Tunku Miri Branch Library

The Taman Tunku Miri Branch Library is a community public library located within Taman Tunku.

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Miri Civic Center

Built in 1991, Miri Civic Center functions as an exhibition foyer and amphitheater on the ground floor, holds the Miri Public Library on the second floor, and is a multi-purpose hall for various social functions such as wedding parties, concerts, large conferences etc.

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Piasau Miri Branch Library

Piasau Miri Branch Library is a library branch that is located in Piasau Jaya.

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Miri City Fan

Miri City Fan is a unique fan-shaped (when viewed from the air) urban civic public park, it is about 26 acres is carefully sited in the hub of sports, educational and cultural facilities of Miri.

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