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CoCo Cabana

Coco Cabana an event space that is located at the Marina Bay area event space, featuring an art gallery, gift shop, food stalls, cafe and museums.

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That Island at the Baram Delta

At the Baram river delta, there exists an island formed from river silt with an identity problem. Its name changes just as many times as it physically changes forms and shape.

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"Seahorse Island"

Seahorse Island (not its official name) is planned to be a man-made island, in the shape of Miri's mascot - the seahorse - for the 3rd phase of the Brighton Beach's redevelopment master plan. Once completed this island will be about 800 metres off the coast from Brighton Beach, and planned to feature recreational, commercial and residential areas.

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Seahorse Mascot

The original reason for the seahorse mascot, and seahorse sculptures found all over the city.

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Public Park (Taman Awam) Pedestrian Bridge

Public Park (Taman Awam) Pedestrian Bridge links Miri Public Park (Taman Awam) to the hills above the rock outcrop alongside Miri-Bintulu Road for pedestrians to cross to either the park or the jogging path on the hill for jogging and exercises.

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