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"Seahorse Island"

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Picture from Borneo Post.

Seahorse Island (not its official name) is planned to be a man-made island, in the shape of Miri's mascot - the seahorse - for the 3rd phase of the Brighton Beach's redevelopment master plan. Once completed this island will be about 800 metres off the coast from Brighton Beach, and the redevelopment is planned to feature recreational, commercial and residential areas.

Based on what the scale model shows, the proposed island will be a seahorse-shaped man-made isle connected by a bridge walkway to the beach, with twenty four "water-village" style chalet houses on the inner edge facing the beach, with a breakwater on the outer rim facing the South China Sea.

Ultimately, the Seahorse Isle comes full circle into the 'seahorse-looking island' mascot story.

The project is in the planning stages of development.


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