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Public Park (Taman Awam) Pedestrian Bridge

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Public Park (Taman Awam) Pedestrian Bridge is an elaborately designed pedestrian bridge linking Miri Public Park (Taman Awam) to the hills above the rock outcrop alongside Miri-Bintulu Road for pedestrians to cross to either the park or the jogging path on the hill for jogging and exercises.

The bridge is a concrete and steel structure with partial steps followed by steel spiral stairs on either side leading up to the bridge. Its construction was financed by Sarawak Shell in conjunction with its 100th anniversary and completed mid-2012.

On its side there are LED panels displaying various messages put up by the council. A pair of seahorse statues currently sat on either side as decorative sculptures.

Fun fact: these seahorse statues were originally placed beneath the center pillar of the bridge, on the divider between the roads. After complaints that these sculptures were inaccessible to people and tourists who would like to take photos with them, without crossing the roads to them, they were painstakingly relocated by crane to where they now sit, to allow for photo taking opportunities without actually crossing the road.


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