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Taman Awam Miri (Public Park)

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Taman Awam Miri or simply known as the Miri Public Park is about 3km from the city center along the Miri-Bintulu Road. There are flora gardens, souvenir center, canteen, observatory platform, children's playground, exhibitions room, stone carving and sculptures, waterfalls, suspension bridge, fountains, pavilions, jogging track and other sporting facilities.

There is also a childrens' water playground as a major attraction feature and two separate children's playground areas. The water playground is a large pool about 2 feet deep at its nearest, with large playground water slides and water fountain features in the center that allow children to wade in the pool and play safely. Parental supervision is still required. Water from the top of the fountain near the food stalls forms a waterfall into the childrens' pool, and the footpath leads with scenic bridges built over it.

The other two non-water playgrounds consist of the usual slides, see-saws, sliding poles, climbing nets and simulated zip-lines.

The park also features a skate park at the far corner allows for plenty of extreme-style skating, grinding and stunts for roller-blading, skateboard, BMX and other forms of gravity sports fans. Feature half-pipes, quarter pipes ramps and the usual skating park terrain builds and ramps.

A pedestrian bridge connects to the rock outcrop across Miri-Bintulu Road for more uphill/downhill jogging activities. A good view of Miri spanning from the city to the airport can be seen from here.


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