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Senadin Water Theme Park

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Scale model pictured

The Senadin Water Theme Park in Miri Sarawak, Borneo, is part of a larger project that will include a shopping complex and hotel. The park is expected to be completed in the coming years. Senadin Water Theme Park will boast swimming pools, wave generators, water slides and canoe tracks.

Once it is completed, they have claimed that it will be the first water theme park of its kind in Borneo.

The project took much longer time than expected due to the deep and soft soil composition. The project developers (Miri Housing Development Realty Sdn Bhd) had hired more workers working overtime to complete the project on time with the hope that Phase One can be completed by the end 2015.

Rumors were spread about in 2015 that the project had been abandoned, but the developing company debunked these rumors. As of 2019, the park still had not been built.


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