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Miri Council Multistory Car Park

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The Miri Council Multistory Car Park (Bangunan Letak Kereta M.B.M.) was built in the early 1990s alongside Miri's first Pedestrian Bridge at Kingsway. It features four stories of parking spaces, with the second story (at Level 2B) being the level that connects to the Kingsway Pedestrian Bridge connecting across the road to the old town area.

There were futsal courts at the rooftop for futsal sports activities.

In January 2014, parking was privatized under new management - the car park is now managed by Miri Parking Systems. Sdn. Bhd. Previously it was managed by the parking department of the Miri Council.

In December 2015, the building was renovated to convert the first second levels to office space, while the car park for levels three and four remain. The passage for going up and down the levels were narrowed to just one lane, and the building was painted a chocoloate/coffee cream color.
Operating hours for parking are 6.30am to 10pm. As of 2015, parking costs 50 cents per hour, but good luck getting a space there, you'll need it.

As of 2016, the building is slowly being converted into an office building. Majority of the spaces are being converted into offices spaces, the Immigration offices are now located here and the futsal courts has been removed.


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