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An Inland Lake Resort - Loagan Bunut

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An Inland Lake Resort - Loagan Bunut

Loagan Bunut is a huge inland lake situated in the Baram district in Miri division that could be developed into a major tourist attraction for Sarawak. Its scenic natural surroundings and tranquility make the lake an ideal retreat for nature lover and urbanites escaping from the hassle bussle of a city.

Scattered round the lakeside are the wooden dwellings of the Berawan, one of the minority ethnic groups in the state. These families are the only signs of civilization in the area.

A year ago the enterprising Meran family from Long Terus decided to share the beauty of the place with outsiders by building a resthouse overlooking the lake to accommodate adventurous holiday-makers.

Mutiara Loagan Bunut, a chalet-like wooden guesthouse located on a hill overlooking the lake, is the only accommodation for visitors at the lake resort. Operating for over a year, the guesthouse has so far accommodated hundreds of tourists.
Fishing is the main social and economic activity for the local residents. The lake is abundant in fish. However, fishing is not allowed for outsiders and the rule is strictly observed to maintain the fish stock in the lake for the sole consumption of the local residents.
The lake has always been a mystery to the local people and there are many tales and legends on its origin which are passed down from generation to generation. One natural phenomena of the lake is the fluctuating water level; the lake dries up during certain period of the year, leaving only a small patch of water in the centre of the lake where the level is deep. You can actually walk in the lake during this period.
It is best to visit the lake when the water level is high in order to get appreciate its primeval beauty. Visitors can reach the lake in a three hour journey on land from Miri town, by-passing Beluru town and crossing Tinjar Bridge at Long Lapok, and following timber track on the way before a final 20 minute boat ride to the lake and the resthouse. The lake resort can also be reached from Marudi by express boat upriver to Long Teru on Tinjar river and from Long Teru to the lake and resthouse.

The seven-roomed guesthouse is comfortably equipped with modern facilities like diesel generator to provide lighting, and TV set to entertain the occupants. There are fans and bedding in each room. Cooking gas, crockery and cutlery are found in the kitchen as visitors have to prepare their own meals during their stay at the lake.

Visitors can easily arrange for a trip to the lake by paying a reasonable sum for an attractive package which is designed by the proprietor of the guesthouse. The package covers the boat ride to and fro between Sg Baram and Loagan Bunut; accommodation per night and a trip around the giant Lake Bunut.

The package fee per head varies from RM65 per head in a group of three to RM38 per head for a group of ten to eleven people. The larger the group, the cheaper will be the package, and the merrier the trip.
Booking for the guesthouse can be done with its proprietor Meran at his mobile hand set 011292164 or telephone number 612104. It is advisable to make the booking several days in advance.

As the government is campaigning "Buy Local" during the present economic crisis, holiday makers from the country should also try to adjust their holiday plan from overseas trips to visiting local tourist resorts. Loagan Bunut is a local tourist destination that you can consider for your next vacation.


By NT Lau 13.10.98
Copyright All Rights Reserved

Article recreated with permission for from author.

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