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Electric bikes as a form of transportation in Miri

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E-bikes such as this one above can use electrical energy to cycle for you. All you have to do is just steer.

Electric bikes are getting more and more popular, and will likely be here to stay for the long run. Bikes of all types are available and can vary so much from a standard bike design; if you can imagine it, someone has already built it.

From cargo bikes to city and commuter bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes, and even beach cruisers, there are so many varieties of electric bikes. The beauty of e-bikes is that they make the joy of cycling accessible to so many people in so many ways.

In Miri, these types of e-bikes are getting more and more popular, they represent high efficient, low cost travel for short distances, and fits in the gap between a moped bike and manual bicycling travelling in and about the city. So much of the city is accessible by bike, and with the electrical assist, this expands the travelling distances even more.

Electric folding bikes will readily fit into a car or a truck, since the design allows for it to be compacted, and used in conjunction with the car or truck of your choice greatly expands the parking choices you have - simply park your car far away but where parking is plentiful, and then e-bike your way over to your destination.

For something even more compact, e-scooters will even do the trick:

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