Baram River (Batang Baram)

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Baram River is a large river that originates hundreds of kilometers inland from the mountains at the border of Sarawak in the heart of Borneo. Baram River is the second longest river in Sarawak.

The river starts near Long Lamai and ends at the South China Sea at Baram. Marudi is situated about 100 kilometers inland of the river. Other towns and villages that sit along the Baram River (Batang Baram as locally known) are : Long Lama, Long Miri, Long Naah, Long Akah, Long Selatong, Long Apu, Long Palai, Long Silat, Long Tungan, Lio Mato, and finally Long Lamai.

A river delta formation formed an 'island' at the Baram rivermouth in the South China Sea which was known by many names.

Quite a number of refences online have mistaken Baram River with the Miri River. They are completely separate rivers.

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