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Road Closure at Pujut-Bulatan "Flyover"

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According to Miri Public Works Department (or JKR Jabatan Kerja Raya), there will half road closure at Pujut-Bulatan "Flyover" adjacent to Boulevard Shopping Complex from 1st of August to 7th August, 8.30 am to 4.30pm for some repair work on the expansion joint.

The 'flyover' was built in 2007 to ease the congestion at the Pujut-Bulatan Roundabout. Before the 'flyover' was built, the traffic - which by then had gotten to a point where congestion at the roundabout was absolutely unbearable as the roundabout was too large for cars to merge as other cars barreling down the roundabout had very fast speeds.

Although it was not described which half of the road will be closed for this repair work, it is expected that if it is the one in the direction going to Pujut, jams will be pretty bad in the evenings.


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