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Taman Selera in Pictures : 2012

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It's been 5 years since I went to take some pictures at Taman Selera. What's 5 years brought to the place? Well took out my trusty camera to this location to take some pictures. In short, Taman Selera is no more. Almost the entire place is deconstructed for creation of yet another glamorous new project, to be called the SeaHorse island or something to that effect, which involves lots of land reclaimation and building a hotel on top of the sea in front of Taman Selera / Tanjung Lobang beach.

Now, upon visiting the area you're greeted with this:

They fenced it up for deconstruction. Food stall now looks like this:

Don't worry, they moved to here, to a nearby location just a bit further down:

Some new property / condominium construction going on:

Pier's been destroyed by waves and winds (see before photo, in 2007):

There was a particular lone tree on here in 2007 that's now disappeared in 2012:

The other pier seems to be okay, but badly worn out too

What used to be a children playground area:

Damage of the barrier next to the old food stall area (now demolished)

Warning sign is on the ground, either fallen, or taken out and put there:

Not 5 years and a lot of the construction of the piers and breakers/barriers has been battered and destroyed by winds and seas. Apparently the change to the land from reclamation nearby has actually INCREASED the strength of waves and the result is the much larger waves buildup onto the shores, which is why we are seeing sea erosion and damage to the structures in these pictures.

What do we have in store for the next 5 years, when the Sea Horse island has been built, and the 5 years after that? Can't wait to see. ;)

See the area in 2015.

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