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Where to Get Your Germicidal UVC Disinfection Lamp


  In these ever-changing uncertain times, the focus on germs, bacteria, and especially viruses are in everyone's head. How do you get rid of them? Which methods are most effective?

  The answer is a UV lamp. The UV lamp is the ideal way disinfect spaces around you - from the bedroom to bathroom, kitchen to offices or workshops and workspaces. Even your car, provided you have a way to power it (such as an extension cord). These UV lamps give you peace of mind from viruses. They will even work to kill off any germs or bacteria in drinking water. When ultraviolet light hits germs and viruses, the ultraviolet light destroys their DNA. When that happens, the germs, bacteria and viruses can't replicate themselves and quickly die off. Thus many people utilize these lamps as a quick and easy way to kill mold and bacteria in their bathrooms, and they could easily remove bad smells and odors as well.

Precautions in using the UVC lamps:

  As with most things, there is a downside to UVC lamps, so special attention MUST BE heeded when using it. When the light is on, everyone has to leave the room. This means the light must be turned off quickly if there are people around, and people must try to avoid staring into the light. Acute overexposure leads to a painful temporary inflammation in the eys, mainly of the cornea, known as photokeratitis. Subsequent overexposure to the UV is unlikely because of the pain involved. Chronic exposure leads to an increased risk of certain types of ocular cataracts. They can also cause skin damage and other problems if a person is overexposed to the UV light. Any items that is senssitive to UV will also deteriorate quicker around the house, so it is recommended that these be kept out of the light.

  If you do get this lamp, be sure to keep out of reach of anyone especially children, and keep it safely and labelled to prevent accidental usage. Please consult a doctor or a specialist if you are unsure on how to operate it, this article is not meant to be comprehensive on the details on UVC lamps, please do your own research and use with great caution.

  This is why this product comes together with a remote control and a timer as a safeguard. To properly use the UV lamp, a timer must be set and remotely activated when there is no one in the room. Keeping the light on for just a few minutes be enough to disinfect the room.

  You can order the UVC Germicidal Lamp here.