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Old Miri Airport Tower & Terminal (Decommissioned)

The Old Miri Airport was planned and built in the 1970s, where a demand for a more modern and longer runway was needed to accommodate Fokker 50s and the Boeing 737s for a booming commercial aviation as commercial flying became a more affordable way to travel.

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Miri Peninsula

The Miri Peninsula is a piece of land that is bordered by water on three sides but connected to mainland Miri, split in between by Miri River.

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HMS Viscount Melbourne Wreck

The HMS Viscount Melbourne was a three-mast, 800-ton sailing wooden ship about 150 feet long and 45 feet wide with brass sheathing that was journeying from Singapore to Macau in 1842 when she blown off course by a heavy storm and ultimately struck a reef in the Laconia Shoals, a large reef complex in South China Sea.

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Tua Pek Kong Temple

Built in 1913, and (then) located next to the Miri River and alongside the old fish market, the temple was built and dedicated to the beloved deity by overseas Chinese. Not just a place of worship, but a historical site and a place of interest worth visiting for the architecture and culture.

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Glowing Blue Waves Along Miri Beaches

Nicknamed "Blue Tears" among the locals, this phenomenon is a sight to behold and has sent many people to the beaches in the evenings.
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Lutong Flood of 1980-1981

In late December 1980, strong winds, torrential rain, and heavy swells in the seas, constant heavy rains caused water from the Miri River to overflow into Lutong.
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Twin Pioneer Wreck, Bario

The wreck of a Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer CC.1 aircraft, located at Bario Airport can still be seen today having sat around for more than 50 years.
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Lutong Cinema

The Lutong Cinema was constructed in 1959, and as one of the first post war cinemas is a source of entertainment for Mirians and Lutongites.

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Miri Recreation Club

The Miri Recreation Club was one of the long line of clubs in Miri. Today the club doesn't exist any more, and the building the club was in now houses the Urban and Social Development Offices.

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St. Columba's Kindergarten

St. Columba's Kindergarten one of the oldest kindergartens in Miri. Interestingly enough, the building was not built as a kindergarten, it was originally a church - the St. Columba's church - built and completed way back in 3rd September 1922.

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Gunther Holtorf's G-Wagen

Picture of Holtorf's G-Wagen, 'Otto', parked in front of the Bank Islam at Centerpoint, Miri, in mid-2007.
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Atago Maru Wreck

The Atago Maru was originally built as a merchant ship in 1924, at Glasgow by Lithgows & Sons, and is one of the first diesel-engined Japanese registered ships. Sunken off the coast of Lutong in 1944.

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Cathay Cinema (Building)

Located along China Street, Cathay Cinema was one of the three large purpose-built movie theatres in Miri. Like the other cinemas of the time, the building was basically a large hall with rows of seats within and a small stage at the end, with projector screens on the wall.

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Lutong Ferry

Long before Lutong bridge was constructed, the area had a ferry service, possibly at or near the site of what is now the Lutong bridge today. These pictures were taken on 4th July, 1945 during the ending stages of the Japanese occupation, by the Australian 2/13 infantry battalion aiming to reoccupy Sarawak from Japanese.


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