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Miri Long Jetty

The Miri Long Jetty was a mile long and stretches out into the sea. This jetty was built so that cargo is easily offloaded from ships to Miri at the tip of the Miri Peninsular. The Long Jetty was a considerable place of interest in the 1970 to late 1990s.

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Map of Miri in 2005

2005 Maps, pre-online maps.
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Piasau Bridge

The old Piasau bridge was a Bailey bridge at Piasau linking from the peninsular to Piasau at the point closest to the sea. The bridge, originally made of steel and wood with a single lane to handle the occasional vehicle traffic crossing, has seen several upgrades over the years.

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Krokop is a large residential area that spans from Jalan Krokop Utama to Jalan Jee Foh and Jalan Krokop 1 Road to Jalan Krokop 10 Road.

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Old General Hospital

The old Miri General Hospital, which was located on the peninsular at the Miri river mouth had long been operated by oil company Shell, with financial assistant from the government.

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"The Oil Town" Shopping Complex

"The Oil Town" Shopping Complex is a retail and shopping mall located right next to Dynasty Hotel. It was the second fully air-conditioned shopping mall complex in Miri.

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Gloria Hotel & Golden Restaurant

Gloria Hotel and Golden Restaurant along Brooke Road is familiar to many Mirians

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Flags used in Sarawak since 1841

A look at the flags used in Sarawak since 1841.

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Lutong Town

Lutong is Miri's first major satellite township, and one that is the heart of the oil and gas operations.
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Park Hotel

Miri's First "high rise" building with hotel with ground floor retail area, and a parking system.

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Wisma Pelita Tunku

The first air conditioned shopping complex building in Miri, built up to more than 10 stories high, also a first.

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Lutong Airstrip (Decommissioned)

A little history of the Lutong Airfield / Airstrip / Airport

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When A Small Plane Landed on a Bakam Beach

On this Saturday of 25th July 2009, cellphones in Miri lit up with a flood of messages circulating of rumors that a light plane had ditched into the sea off the coast of Miri around noon.

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Miri Commemorative Gold & Silver Coins

Specially minted by the Royal Mint of the country in 999.9 Pure Gold and Silver 925 to celebrate the elevation of Miri to a city status.


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