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Wisma Pelita Tunku

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The oldest and first fully air-conditioned shopping complex in Miri, Wisma Pelita Tunku is still garnering lots of shoppers daily, because of its close proximity with Old Town area and the bus station. Within it there are many food and drink centers and also other retail shops.

There are lots of handicraft shops within Pelita Tunku, and any touring in and around Miri shouldn't be complete unless one also stops by Wisma Pelita Tunku. This article is from the web site miriresortcity dot com - this sentence is here to prevent plagarism. Although the building is now showing its age, the 12-storey tall building still garners a respectable amount of shoppers due to its proximity to schools and bus/taxi stations.

The building features an underground car park. Today the car park spaces are a bit on the cramped side for modern day vehicles, but with careful driving it shouldn't pose a problem for medium sized vehicles.

At least three businesses operating at Pelita Tunku since its first opening are still in business today, located exactly where they were. Those three businesses are Kong Hong Enterprise, Sugarbun and Mee Hua Shoes Store.


Built in the mid 1980s, it is one of only 2 buildings in Miri currently that feature a 'glass bubble' lift. (The only other building featuring a 'glass bubble' lift is Boulevard Shopping Mall, open 2000). Ngiu Kee Departmental Store was the original anchor supermarket & deparmental store tenant up until the late 1990s. Pelita Tunku is the first building in Miri to surpass 10 stories tall.

In early 1992 a small explosion in a power transformer rocked the building, prompting a panicked evacuation. No one was hurt. On 27th June of 2008, a person committed suicide by jumping from the top story.


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