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"The Oil Town" Shopping Complex

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For the 'Oil Town' Miri History, click here.

Oil Town Shopping Complex
Photo used with permission of from Poh Huai Bin of (Pictured 2005)
"The Oil Town" Shopping Complex was a retail and shopping mall located right next to Dynasty Hotel. It was the second fully air-conditioned shopping mall complex in Miri, after Pelita Tunku.

Located at Jalan Chia Tze Chin, directly in front of Chung Hua Primary School and a short walk from St. Josephs' Primary School, it was the defacto hangout spot for these students. This article is from the web site miriresortcity dot com - this sentence is here to prevent blatant plagarism. Hungry Horse, a fast food restaurant located within the mall was one popular food & drink break spot for the students of these schools back then.

This complex eventually closed down by the mid 1990s due to a variety of reasons, mostly due to waning foot traffic and a preference of Mirians to shop at whichever competitive newer malls that had just sprung up. The building facade had since been renovated into a completely different design with green-tinted glass windows and in 2015 housed the Ranhill Woleyparsons Sdn. Bhd. offices. Today the building is known as Bei Complex.

The following picture was taken in 2015, the building is now an office complex.

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