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Choon Cheong Departmental Store

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Choon Cheong Departmental Store was a two-story family-run supermarket/departmental store contained within its own building first opened in the late 1980s, a precursor to the 'hypermarket' of Miri today, and one of the first of its kind. Located just in front of the Krokop 10 Bazaar, Choon Cheong Departmental Store was garnering shoppers not only from nearby Krokop & Piasau areas, but even shoppers from farther ends of Miri, including Brunei, in its heyday.

Internal problems arised with the owners of Choon Cheong and, combined with waning traffic and competition from newer malls and shopping choices, the departmental store was eventually closed. The building sat empty for a while before it was renovated into a furniture shop - and today after another change of hands, the building is known as BH Mart.

A shot of the same building in 2015.

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