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Taman Tunku

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The water tower at Taman Tunku.

Taman Tunku, developed in the mid 1980s and gradually having more residential houses and commercial centers added to it is a large residential area located just beside Miri Airport spanning about 3 kilometers running from north to south with its own commercial centers within.

The area has multiple housing and commercial development within, by various different developers. However as of today there is only really one proper road access to Taman Tunku, which is via the Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. The alternative is a dirt road at Jalan Lusut. This results in long traffic queues at rush hours, and if there are any accidents on Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman access will be bottlenecked. A bypass road was constructed in early 2012 to ease traffic within Taman Tunku and helped some, but this did not really solve the bottlenecking at the main access road.

Taman Tunku has its own Public Library Branch.


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