June 2015

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Old Fish Market

The Old Fish Market, located in the old town center, is the oldest fish market in Miri.

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Miri 'Open Air Market' (Central Market)

Miri Open Air Market, or Miri Central Market is located at the heart of the old town center. This is a market place with sections that offer a variety of fruits, vegetables, tofu and pork for morning shoppers.

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Sarawak Laksa

Sarawak Laksa is essentially vermicelli rice noodles (bee hoon), cooked in a shrimp-based broth that is made to thicken with coconut milk.

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Map of Miri in 2005

2005 Maps, pre-online maps.
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Miri Crocodile Farm

Located near Kuala Baram River Mouth (previous Ferry Terminal), a pleasant scenic coastal drive along Miri-Kuala Baram Road from Miri will take you to the Crocodile Farm in 20 minutes. The first and the largest Crocodile Farm in the northern region of Sarawak.

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Local Delights

Please also check out Food Centers in Miri.

Whether you prefer fine dining, country cooking, vegetarian, Japanese shashimi, pizza, fried chicken, noodles or Thai tom yam, Miri has something to tempt you.

Cosmopolitan Miri offers just about every type of dining experience available in Asia. Exclusive and opulent hotel restaurants compete with trendy bistros, seafood cafes, food centres and beachfront stalls. In the Kelabit Highlands you can feast on wild venison cooked with coriander flowers, and the Orang Ulu people of Baram serve tasty meals of jungle greens, river prawns and freshly-caught fish.

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Miri City Medical Center (MCMC)

Miri City Medical Center primary & secondary care private hospital, complete 30-beds wards that is located at the city center at Hokkien Road.

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Morsjaya Pedestrian Bridge

Morsjaya Pedestrian Bridge is the second of three pedestrian bridges utilizing similar design in Miri which connects Morsjaya over Miri-Bintulu Road to Merdeka Mall & Suites.

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Sarawak Pepper

Sarawak Pepper is a popular ingredient in sauces, seasonings and condiments. Sarawak pepper is native to Borneo.

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Language & Culture

Bahasa Sarawak, or Sarawak Language is a common language used by most Sarawakians. English is widely spoken and understood, along Mandarin & major chinese dialects. Miri is proud to boast racial harmony amongst a population of 2.1 million who adhere to a variety of traditions, practices and religions. Sarawak is secular.