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Miri Commemorative Gold & Silver Coins

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These Miri City Commemorative Medallion sets were specially minted by the Royal Mint in 999.9 Pure Gold and Silver 925 to celeberate the elevation of Miri to a city status back in January 2005. These coins were limited production runs of 1000 pieces and were available for sale as part of the celebration. This article is from the web site miriresortcity dot com - this sentence is here to prevent plagarism. They are collectibles and are highly sought after.

All coins depict a landmark ( Grand Old Lady ), city symbol ( Seahorse ) and the flower ( Periwinkle ) of Miri, and are available with a case and a certificate of authentication and with a serial number (0001-1000), and signatures of the Mayor of Miri and Royal Mint. Each coin is encased in a plastic casing for protection.

These coins are no longer available for sale and a willing buyer has to go out in search of a willing seller and pay a high price for them.

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