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Satay, a very popular and delicious dish consists of chunks of marinated chicken or beef on bamboo or coconut lead spine skewers grilled over a hot fire charcoal.

Served with authentic spicy peanut sauce dip, slivers of onions, cucumbers and ketupat (dumpling made of rice cooked in woven palm leaf pouches).

There are many satay sellers around Miri, and they are usually easy to spot - usually found at the front of a coffeeshop or food court / stall area, grilling and fanning charcoal fires to roast the satay. Orders are usually in groups of 10 sticks or more, and there are options for chicken or beef satay, or a combination.

A must try - ask around for the most recommended satays around the city or the one nearest - different people have their own different favorite satay spots.


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