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Piasau - meaning 'coconut' in local language - is a large area consisting of several residential zones and one industrial zone in Miri. One will assume that previously this area has plenty of coconuts to be found, but we can't verify for sure as nowadays there aren't many to be found. Asking some of the senior residents would gain some insight into this.

The Piasau area covers the east side of the Pujut-Lutong Road up to the sea, opposite from Pujut, which covers the west side of the road.

Within Piasau area is Piasau Camp, Piasau Jaya, Piasau Garden neighborhoods and Piasau Industrial. Piasau camp is actually located on the peninsular side, across the Piasau Bridge from the river.

There used to be a brick-making factory in the Piasau Industrial zone, with plenty of porcelain factories. Air pollution was pretty bad in the 1980s leading up to the mid 1990s due to this factor, but nowadays the these factories have moved and air quality has greatly improved.


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