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Pujut 7 Bridge

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Pujut 7 Bridge (Left lane)

Pujut 7 Bridge is the bridge linking Permyjaya and Desa Pujut areas to Pujut, forming a main link to the Sarawak-Brunei border and serves seven housing estates, two commercial centres and an industrial estate, crossing the Miri River.

Originally a single-lane bridge built in the late 1990s linking Miri / Pujut to Permyjaya over the Miri river, the bridge was upgraded in 2010 to double lanes to improve traffic flow over the roads, which had become a bottleneck creating traffic slowdowns before the upgrades. The upgrade was completed five months ahead of schedule.

It was apparent the upgrade was rushed however as there is a huge uneven jarring bump when transitioning from the road to the bridge structure both ways, causing some airborne antics and possibly suspension damage when driven over by unsuspecting drivers at speed, and forcing drivers and traffic to slow down when crossing.

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