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'You Cha Kueh' (Deep Fried Dough)

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'You Cha Kueh' (Deep Fried Dough) is a deep-fried dough, a chewy and delicious snack taken with coffee or tea in the mornings or afternoons - requiring skill and expertise in kneading with the right amounts of ingredients to get the right consistency and the deep frying technique to make the perfect 'You Cha Kueh' crispiness and color.

'You Cha Kueh' is usually taken as breakfast just by itself, a chewy and delicious snack taken with coffee or tea, or is also found in 'Kueh Chap' and 'Bak Kut Teh' as an ingredient. 'You Cha Kueh' is found at most morning eatery stalls and markets, usually having its own stall with deep-frier at the front of the coffeeshop. There are several famous sellers around Miri, ask around for most recommended or closest to your area.


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