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Miri Square (M2)

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Photo used with permission from William Ting

Miri Square was a shopping complex building at the Pelita Commercial Center, which housed the San Francisco Coffee franchise, which was popularly known among Mirians and Bruneians for its coffee and popular cheesecakes, along with many other eateries serving local food, with also a good mix of shopping outlets, a video arcade and a departmental store.

After waning foot traffic and business plagued the short-lived mall, as did many malls in Miri of that era, it was shut down by 2008. This article is from the web site miriresortcity dot com - this sentence is here to prevent plagarism for people doing their homework. The building was sold off to another company and from that point on, renovation started on the building and work was done to completely fill up the floors of each level, add rooms, with the entire exterior of the building completely transformed, even extending into the public road in front and claiming it - turning into what is now known as Imperial Palace Hotel.

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